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At Leaf we create a customer experience which is ‘real’. Your organic products deserve a  sustainable packaging that goes hand in hand with its values. Our concept packaging are all handmade and customised as per your brand needs, making  your brand stand out and unique.

“The Begining"

Our company Leaf Enterprise was already into Import Export business since 1995.
During one of our family staycation we moved to hills for a short time to a quaint place called Landour, where we came across organic cosmetics, preserves. They were locally being hand made in a remote village. However.. every thing accessed from nature was packed in 'plastic'. It just didnt seem right ! Thats when we decided we needed to solve this puzzle. The answer was Leaf packaging our inhouse unit where we took it as a challenge to not only make sustainable packaging available but also to make it attractive enough so that customer experience is rich.

Custom Branding

Each product after being carefully tiled, is customised creating an exclusive brand that has unique shelf presence. Our design team works with you to achieve advanced customisation. The reusable  packaging feature is perfect for  brand retention.

Eco Friendly

All our products are created using mango wood which is sustainable wood . Jars and bottles with glass inners are 100% Eco Friendly and Reusable. All products have a long shelf life hence can be reused  multiple times. 

Customer Experience

Your customer not only gets enhanced experience but also gets  a brand ambassador in form of a Reusable jar. It’s a great way for a brand recall and consumer experience.

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Experience our wide collection of sustainable packaging .  Visit our  Portfolio Page and Insta link , follow us  to keep up with updated information on new products and  ways to make your products more desirable , more earth friendly !

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