Most Trending Way To Reinvent Your SUSTAINABLE LIVING -Finally a WOODEN BOTTLE!!

A Retro style new Handmade wooden bottle made for Sustainable Living lifestyle , It is a minimalist bottle which is not just decorative but is also fully functional wooden bottle with glass inners!!


Finally a Wooden drinking bottle !!

This artistic decorative bottle is made for sustainable living, and is sourced from sustainable mango wood with a screw top to keep it airtight and leak proof. Use it for your cold  beverages or just drinking water. It  also makes an excellent  and charming décor  for any room in the house. Put it in interesting places near your bed or a vase to create an interesting composition. Capacity of the wooden bottle makes is approx. 450ml /15 fluid oz. Can be easily cleaned and rinsed with  cold water.

sustainable living wood bottle

·      Its easy to carry around your office, trip or even a gym. This decorative water bottle is excellent piece to remind you of “your nature” (pun intended). Minimalist in its looks, when we sat to design we opted for Raw. As you use it more and more the shine actually increases, nature just needs a touch to shine more.

 Dimensions are Round Dia/Width: 8cm/3inch , height: 20.5cm/8.2 inch, weight: 0.56kg/1.2 lb :

·       To clean its simple like any wooden item at home. External Cleaning advised with damp wipes or a dry cloth. . You can choose to wax it in future and its as good as the first day you brought it over. Inside just rinse and clean with soap water like any glass in the kitchen. Even if you spill a little water on the outside, simply just let it dry.

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