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We at Leaf Enterprise have been on our sustainable journey since 1995 as exporters of premium and top quality packaging. With years of experience in wood craft and the glass industry, it was not difficult for us to achieve our desire to create something for these changing times. During one of our staycations, we were inspired to solve the growing need for sustainable alternatives and help planet workers by providing reusable and eco-friendly options. “Sustainable really does not have to be boring” is what we want to put forward. The new organic cosmetic and food industry had just begun and it was difficult to find packaging without stepping back into plastic. The niche organic industry essentially required packaging that was handmade and ‘real’, just like their products. Our in-house design team along with our studio artists created something all natural for us to fill the gap. Join us on this wonderful journey to make this planet a better place!


Estimated to be 4.5 billion year old. Strategically placed it could support life because this planet has two most important things; oxygen and water. Slowly things are changing and 2020 was an eye opener for humanity. This is the only home we have and  there is no Plan “B”




Sustainable does not have to be boring. Our design team works with you to give your brand a perfect shelf presence.


Mango wood is a sustainable wood option. All our products are made from discarded wood supplied by mango farmers and orchards.

Sustainable Packaging


Customisable and eco-friendly are our top packaging features. Our endeavour is to make your brand stand out from the crowd.


Customisation with your brand goes a long way. Our products are extremely durable and dependable. Our jars and bottles can be reused as long as the customer wants, which is great for brand retention and brand loyalty.

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